On December 21st, 2020 we were blessed to see The Star Of Bethlehem, an event which many people including myself believe was just one of the signs that marked the return of Christ Consciousness to our beautiful planet.

In case you had not noticed, we also have a new sun that shines brilliant white with an iridescent corona. This I’ve been told is our second sun and is known by The Sirius Star System as Solaris.

We truly are living through biblical times, so given the trials and tribulations we have all been put through since the other corona event. And the fact that we have been battling the spiritual, biblical, energetic frequency and informational wars. Then we should ask if ourselves if this has all been a part of the test.

In saying that, human consciousness took an almost fatal blow back in 2020, and as our planet became blanketed with fear the vibrational frequencies on earth took a tumble. Thankfully there were, and still are so many on the planet who are going through their own personal ascension, and they have been helping to raise the spirits of others. This too, I would say has also been an instrumental part of the test and while I believe that Gaia is now anchored into the fifth dimension, there is still much work to be done.

The Corona Event

Back Cover Of The Corona Event – What If It’s All Been A Test?