I am so blessed to be able to say that I am finally in alignment with my own true calling, and that it is congruent with the humanitarian projects that I am now rolling out. In saying that though, for all of you who want to know how I ended up here, all I can say is that I followed the signs (yes there are signs and they are everywhere). I listened to the wisdom of my heart. I trusted my intuition. I sought the answers from the universe. I recognized the lessons in the challenges. I weathered the many storms. And most importantly, I never gave up on my dream, which I will add, taps into a concept which I often refer to as The Collective Dream. A dream, that is now being revealed as awareness grows around the benevolent plan we know of as NESARA and GESARA.

Was it easy, you might be wondering … not at all! In fact I have always felt as though my journey to get here has been a cross between a treasure hunt in search of the truth (which I love). While running a brutal gauntlet from medieval times, and being challenged with new obstacles every which way I turned. I also had to make a lot of sacrifices along the way to receive little if any reward for doing so. So easy, it was not. But worth it…absolutely because, well let’s just say that I know what the future holds. The writing is on the wall, it is carved in stone in fact, and the message written therein says that… The Best Is Yet To Come!

In saying that, this does not mean that we should sit back and wait to see what that means, or how that is going to look, or when will be the big reveal. On the contrary, we are all here in this very time in history because we were chosen for this mission, and to be a part of The Grand Master Plan.

We are creators, we were born to create, and we must all do our part. We answered the call to incarnate into our present lives for the purpose of being here during this very exciting albeit precarious time, in which we have been tasked with the mission to help create Heaven On Earth. And the battles that we have all endured were intended to make us stronger. Deep down inside we know this, because they have been to test our character and to push us so that we would become strong enough to carry this mission through. You, I, we, are all here in this very time in history to breath life into The Collective Dream, and to see that The Plan,.. The Grand Master Cosmic Plan, that is, gets rolled out!

As for me, my mission has always been to find solutions to many of the problems which we as humans face. Many of which revolve around human behavior, motivation, human connection and that sought of thing, and to then write and teach about them. This, I used to do while hairdressing, as I often coached my clients, and taught personal development workshops on the side. I always loved interacting with others, and thrived in a teaching space, however for various reasons I kept getting steered to write. I never particularly wanted to do this, however I now realize that it was happening because I was meant to reach a wider audience. Therefore, no matter how much I resisted the writing, I kept getting pushed, pulled and steered into that direction.

However, in saying that, I have been receiving signs of my calling, or my mission since I was about ten years old, when I began having experiences that were supernatural in nature. Then in my twenties, as if right out of the blue, my life was brought to a standstill by crippling anxiety and panic attacks that were so bad that I spent the best part of ten years living with agoraphobia. None of this made any sense to me at all, but it was also during this time when I started to feel as though I was in a mad dash urgent race against time. I was constantly plagued with a strange sense of urgency, and I just couldn’t figure out why, however this feeling became most prevalent around my writing.

The anxiety, panic, and sense of urgency also caused me to change directions in my life as I became inspired to explore many different natural, mind body, and energy healing modalities. Initially this was to find a way to quell the horrible symptoms of stress that plagued me every minute of my day. After ten long years of suffering, and experimenting with many of the natural modalities I managed to completely annihilate this debilitating condition once and for all. I then created a program to help others, and I reluctantly wrote my first book on the subject.

From then on I was constantly being prompted to write. First workshops and presentations, then articles, and finally books, although many the topics I wrote about were of issues that I was not even necessarily interested in at the time. To be honest with you this was not an enjoyable experience for me at all, and it wasn’t even as though I’d ever been interested in taking up writing as a hobby, but for some strange reason I just couldn’t seem to give it up. In fact, anytime I tried to quit I would experience anxiety, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to be working on four or five projects at a time, and this went on for years.

By 2020 I found myself back in alignment with a higher state of consciousness, Christ Consciousness, although I didn’t really know what that meant at the time. It was just that I had started having more and more supernatural experiences again. For me, that meant waking up in the middle of the night to find beautiful brightly coloured orbs in my bedroom. I was taking photographs of Angelic Beings in the sky. And I frequently found myself in the presence of Spirit Animals who had come within feet of where I was sitting. These included a beautiful big owl, a hawk, a snake, Eagles, and many crows that were either bringing me gifts, or following me when I’d go for a walk.

Then my dreams, premonitions, and memories of supernatural experiences I had as a child came back into present time, as if connecting the dots to what was happening in current times. One such memory caused me to go down a rabbit hole where I learned that the castle which I had played in as a child, and the field I had kept my horses, are now believed to be King Arthurs true Avalon. And everything started to make sense.

It was as though there was magic in the air, I realized that our beautiful planet had ascended, I was aligned with this higher dimension, and there was evidence everywhere. It was incredible, but then early one morning in April of 2020 I woke trembling uncontrollably in fear, with the words going through my my mind, “oh my God, they have done it!”. “I cannot believe they have gotten away with this… I thought we had more time”. In that moment I literally felt the life draining out of me. And as if I was right back in some far off distant time in the past, I knew that everything past, present, and future were connected. The signs and symbols were aligned, the dots began to connect, and everything began to make perfect sense. I finally knew what it was, that I had come here to do, and that it was time to embrace my calling.

I also realized why I had spent so much of my adult life in a race against time, and why I had become so driven to write. In saying that, the rude awakening which I experienced in 2020 set me off on yet another major writing spree, only this time I realized that so much of what I had written in my past had all been in preparation for what I wanted to release now. As a result I am now beginning to launch a whole new series of books with the hopes of being able to help people through these challenging times.

Oh by the way… did I mention that I take photographs of Angelic Beings in the sky

Angel Praying In The Clouds In West Vancouver
Celestial Horse – Follow The White Horse.
Posing In The Clouds