Thank you for visiting my site and supporting me through buying my books, merchandise and programs. I truly hope that the knowledge I share will help you in some profound way, and that it inspires you to make some positive changes in your own life. We truly are living through incredible times, and our willingness to become more aware of what is happening in our world, and empowering ourselves with the right knowledge will play a huge role in determining how our future will unfold. In particular, our commitment to taking more responsibility in this area will determine whether we will merely survive, or thrive. We have been blessed with a Divine Intervention, so it is all up to us now to liberate ourselves, and to raise our own level of consciousness.

Over the years, I have noticed how so many people who are on the path to enlightenment tend to get caught up in the learning aspect of things, and sometimes forget to implement the lessons they have learned into their lives. And when this happens they may not benefit in the way the lessons were intended. This has become so prevalent in fact, that I am on a mission to encourage people to reconnect with the wisdom of their hearts, and to start living the life which their hearts desire, instead of simply dreaming about, planning, or sidestepping their way around reaching their goals, dreams, or aspirations.

One of the ways I plan to do this is by holding online book clubs, so that like minded people can gather online, much in the way we would a live YouTube show, and we will discuss different aspects that I teach in my books. Since I am continuously putting out new material, in the way of books, online programs, presentations and live events, I cannot commit to a specific schedule at this point in time. However, if you would like to register your name and email address I will be able to send you an invitation as the dates arise, and let you know which books we will be discussing at the time. The other option is to follow me online, and watch out for the videos. Again, since we are transitioning through so much change, and there is talk of some of the social media platforms possibly closing down, or being sold, then we are all going to have to roll with the waves until things have settled down.

Hope to see you at one of my events,