If You Could Change Just One Thing In Your Life Starting Right Now

What Would It Be?

Would you….. Improve Your Health, Acquire More Wealth, Focus On Living A Happier More Fulfilling Life, Overcome A Habit Or Fear, Make More Friends, Start Dating, Get Involved In An Authentic Romantic Relationship, Work On Your Personal Image, Find Your Passion & Purpose In Life, Lose Weight or…… 

 Improve Your Health

  • Get in shape

  • Lose some weight

  • Eat healthier

  • Quit a bad habit

  • Overcome a fear or phobia

  • Learn how to manage stress

  • Hire Suzanne As Your Wellness Coach

Suzanne coaches in wellness, weight loss and image consulting as well as stress management.  She is the author of the Stress & Burnout Awareness & Prevention Series of books, The Worldwide Stress & Burnout Awareness & Prevention Campaign, and The Mental Wellness Revolution.  She is also a former fitness and weight loss coach and consultant with an internationally recognized company.  Suzanne coaches and teaches a unique system of stress awareness, prevention and management, and is currently in the process of adapting to workshops to meet the needs of an online audience and is about to release a life enhancing app.   

Acquire More Wealth

  • Make more money

  • Change my job

  • Find the perfect second income

  • Become self employed

  • Figure out a backup plan

  • Start an online business

  • Get out of debt

  • Crack The Code To The Emotional Barriers That Seem To Prevent You From Experiencing Financial Success

  • Unlock The Hidden Habits And Behaviours That Sabotage Your Success

  • Hire Suzanne As Your Professional Success Coach –

Suzanne is the author and creator of the workshops and coaching program The Second Income Solution, and The Backup Plan.  She also coaches small business owners as well as solo & entrepreneur’s  to be seen, and  to go global by helping them make it onto the online scene and attract the perfect clients and customers.  She is also an expert at helping aspiring business owners and would be internet marketers figure out their perfect niche, and she coaches them through writing and creating 5 star marketing material to help them reach a much bigger audience.  One of Suzanne specialties is to also coach clients through the emotional roadblocks that would otherwise prevent them from achieving success and receiving abundance for their efforts.  Suzanne incorporates everything from NLP, Coaching, The Laws Of Attraction & Action and TFT to overcome limiting beliefs and hidden self sabotaging objections. 

Happiness & Lifestyle

  • Find my passion

  • Live my life with purpose

  • Develop a master plan for my life

  • Figure out what I want to do with my life

  • Have more fun

  • Get more clarity in my life

  • Find more balance in my life

  • Start living the life I want to live right now

  • Transitions from survive to thrive.

  • Hire Suzanne A Your Personal Success Coach –

Suzanne is the author of It’s Your Life So What Are You Going To Do With It? As well as, New Years Resolutions, Goals, Dreams & Aspirations.  She has also created the workshops and coaching program called the It’s Your Life Project, Life’s Master Plan, & The New YOU Resolutions.  She has developed an extremely easy to follow yet highly important set of tools to help you figure out what you really want in life, to identify what prevents you from getting it, and to overcome these obstacles and hurdles that can sabotage any or every area of a person’s life.  


  • Make some new friends

  • Learn how to talk to strangers

  • Meet Mr. or Miss Right

  • Become Mr. Right for the right kind of woman you want to attract

  • Become Miss Right for the right kind of man

  • Learn How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date

  • Learn How To Turn That First Date Into Happily Ever After

  • Learn how internet dating is so different from traditional dating

  • Get married

  • Overcome shyness and social anxiety

  • Build my confidence

  • Improve my personal image

  • Overcome my fear of speaking up in front of other

  • Develop better communication and rapport building skills

  • Make some positive changes in my life starting with my own New YOU Resolutions

  • Hire Suzanne As Your Relationship & Confidence Building Coach

Suzanne has become one of the go to experts to ask for advice around the area of dating, relationships and finding true love.  She has been featured on television and radio and holds several workshops and coaching programs to help people overcome their fears of developing personal, professional or romantic relationships, increase confidence of talking to strangers and making friends or developing relationships, building rapport, improving interpersonal skills and communication skills and improving personal and professional image.  She also helps people overcome shyness and social anxiety as well overcome the fear of public speaking.  Suzanne is the author of How To Turn That First Glance into A Date.  She has created The Real Relationship Revolution, and has a series of new programs in the works for the dating and relationships and finding true love

Jump Start Your Business, Make A Comeback, Start Something New

  • Explore Possibilities & Opportunities That You Could Turn Into Cash

  • Develop A Backup Plan

  • Find Your Own Second Income Solution

  • Turn Your Passion Into Profits

  • Find The Perfect Niche For You & Build A Business Around It

  • Identify The Hidden Niches In Your Own Skill Set

  • Develop Your Personal & Business Brand

  • Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Successful

  • Identify And Quell Your Business Fears

  • Become The Next Comeback Kid

  • Put Past Failures Behind You And Take That Second Chance

  • Hire Suzanne As Your Brainstorming, Visionary, Sounding Board, Live Your Dream & Follow Your Heart, Prove Them Wrong, Live Your Life On Purpose, Be Unstoppable, Be The Next Comeback Kid, Personal Success and Kick Ass …. Life Coach

I truly believe that we have reached a time where we all need to wake up and realize that life as we have been led to believe no longer exists There is no such thing as job security anymore, it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have.  We have seen millions of people who have put years of their lives into building other people’s dreams and wealth, get discarded and thrown to the curb – literally.  We have seen countless situations where people have allowed themselves to become very vulnerable and have been left feeling washed up, burned out, hopeless and helpless. We need to change our ways of thinking and set ourselves up for success.  At the very least we need to keep our skills up to date and have a backup plan, and when I say that I don’t mean a savings account.  Most people are aware of this but then become paralyzed by the fear because they either don’t know what they want, they don’t know what is possible, they don’t know where to start, or they don’t have the confidence to go it alone.  This is true for a lot of entrepreneurs as well as for people in general. . 

It is sad but true, some of the most brilliant, talented, visionaries, leaders, creative minds, artisans, wellness coaches, and small business entrepreneurs’ & wannabes struggle through life and never make it to where they want to be in life because they just don’t want do it alone.  Most of them have what it takes, you have what it takes, everyone has something that they can do that someone else needs as their service or idea or whatever the case may be.  Many of these people have great ideas, passion, drive and motivation, but they often don’t know where to start, or how to get to the next level in life.  They don’t know how to take their small struggling business into the virtual world where a world of opportunities really do exist, or they don’t know how to take their passion and turn it into a career.

For many, the only thing they need is to have someone who they can share their ideas with, discuss their dreams and goals with, get some feedback, help or guidance from whether it be around basic issues or big dreams.  We all need some encouragement from time to time and we all need to go after our dreams and move forward.  And worse yet when they share their ideas with family and friends they are often met with extreme levels of resistance and this is where most dreams die.   If you have a dream then don’t let it die, don’t settle for a mediocre life because you think that you have to live up to someone else’s expectations.  Follow Your Heart 🙂

One of the biggest challenges in people’s lives is that they know that they are unhappy either in one part of their life or with their life in general, but most people don’t know what they want instead, nor do they know how to figure that out.  And even if they have an idea of what they do want, they may not know how to go about making the changes to bring their dreams to life.

As a coach and trusted advisor my goal is to help you define your dreams, help you become the best version of yourself possible, and to help you to manifest and create that healthy, happy, loving, fun filled life that you are meant to live.

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