How Does TFT, EFT, Tapping Work?

In A Nutshell – Extremely Well!

If you’ve never heard about the Tapping Therapy called Thought Field Therapy (TFT), or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which was a spin off from the original TFT, then I’m going to recommend that you take a few minutes to learn about what they really are, and how they can help you..

And since I am coming from a position of first being someone who used TFT as well as other mind body therapies to overcome my own ordeal with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, depression and agoraphobia.  And being someone who has trained  in TFT and used it for many years, I am basing this information not only on my personal experience, but on my professional experience as well.

What Is TFT or Thought Field Therapy?

Thought Field Therapy is a modality used in the practice of Energy Psychology.  It was developed by the late Dr. Roger J. Callahan, a psychologist who saw the downfalls of psychology and wanted to find something more powerful to help his clients recover from all sorts of traumas in their lives.

As a mind body therapy, TFT acknowledges the fact that any stress or trauma a person is suffering with is actually a mind body experience, and that this experience could be stored anywhere in the mind body system.  This in itself is a very different mindset to the idea that a stress or trauma is directly associated with a thought or a memory, which is often assumed by many to be stored in the head.  To prove this theory, just think about something that makes you feel nervous and pay attention to where you would most likely feel this in your body.  Most people feel it in their stomach or solar plexus which is an area now known to be so saturated with nerves that are associated with emotions that it is often now referred to as the 2nd brain.  Think butterflies in the tummy.  Mind body therapies also acknowledge the fact that emotions are energy, and that they are vibrational with each emotion vibrating at a different frequency.

If you are not familiar with the concept of the Mind Body System and the fact that all humans as well as animals and mammals are Mind Body Entities then you’ll probably be interested to know that all living things have energy running throughout their bodies on a continuous basis.  This energy runs through meridians, and each meridian is associated to a specific organ, a specific group of muscles, and a specific emotion.  When all is well this energy runs freely, however when there is a stress, trauma, or some sort of negative experience in a person’s life it can negatively affect the energy causing it to become blocked or reversed.

It is within these meridians and through the help of muscle testing that we as trained TFT practitioners can diagnose where in the body an emotional trauma resides.  Upon diagnosing the destination or block in the energy system we can then tap on the appropriate points to release these energy blocks or disruptions, and in turn release the emotional trauma as well.

Everything from pin pointing where in the body a problem has affected a meridian to the rebalancing exercises in TFT are fascinating, powerful, accurate and painless in every way.  When working with a “trained” TFT practitioner such as myself, we often use muscle testing to determine where in the body the problem has caused an energy disruption, and then teach the client what to do to relieve this.  TFT Practitioners are not healers, however they teach the client to access their own healing system, giving the client the power to do healing on themselves.

One of the other reasons TFT is so loved is because you do not have to talk about the problem in order to work through it, you simply have to think about it and the muscle testing will help find the triggers in the body which need to be released.

What Is EFT

EFT is a simplified process which was spun from TFT.  It does not use all of the protocols which are used in TFT.  Since I feel it is important to be thorough with clearing and balancing blocked and reversed energy I chose to use, and advocate TFT.

What Can TFT Be Used For?

TFT can be used to heal traumas and overcome fears and phobias.  It can also be implemented into coaching, which is something that I do with my clients to help them abolish limiting beliefs, obstacles, objections and self sabotaging behaviours which prevent people from experiencing success in certain areas of their lives.  And it can be used to help quell debilitating conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, agoraphobia and addictions, however it may not be enough to use alone for some of these conditions and that is why I also use NLP, One Brain Learning Awareness, Touch For Health, Bach Remedies and more.

TFT is also amazing for helping people overcome things like the fear of flying, dental fears, fears of putting contact lenses in eyes, driving fears and phobias, specific phobias, overcoming the fear of rejection or the fear of public speaking, or to dismantle negative emotional triggers such as anger and rage.

What Would I Expect From A TFT Session?

TFT is really easy.  I usually use it in conjunction with NLP, One Brain Learning Awareness, and Touch For Health.  With that said we do not have to go into a lot of detail and talk about childhood trauma.  We would typically discuss what you hope to achieve while working with me, and we may do some muscles testing.  I’d then teach you some tapping sequences and we may do some NLP sub-modality work, anchoring or state change.  There is no physical exertion on the body, muscle testing should be gentle and would only be done if the client is open to it.  TFT is actually quite a playful process.  You would also probably be given some homework to continue on with this and get the most out of it.  I like to encourage my clients to consider the big picture instead of just focussing on one specific aspect as this is usually more beneficial.

Why Do Some Doctors or Mental Health Professionals Discredit Energy Therapies?

Although more and more progressive mental health professionals are open to referring their clients to TFT practitioners or taking the training themselves, there are, and probably always will be those who will flat out discredit anything that they were not taught in medical school.  This is probably in part due to the fact that these people have never trained in, or had any experience with energy therapies.  And since they were not taught about this in school, or worse yet, taught to discredit any such thing many of these people have been slow to catch on.  Sadly, since I know a lot of therapists and psychologist I know how quick many of them are to put this sort of thing down.  The sad thing is that I, along with an ever growing number of therapists know how powerful these therapies are and feel that it is doing a client a disservice not to make them aware of the options.

I certainly feel that most clients could benefit from trying these therapies.

Can I Do A Session On Skype?

Although I’d much rather work one on one in person with a client I realize that it is not always possible and with the help of Skype I can work with clients from all around the world.

How Long Has Suzanne Been Using TFT?

I first trained in TFT, NLP, and One Brain Learning Awareness back in the mid – late 90s.  I love to take as much training as possible and attended another TFT Boot Camp again back in 2013 and again in 2014.  I just love to keep up to date with my training, and take any opportunity I can to learn something new, I also love to meet great new people at these events.  I write about these therapies in all of my books and implement them into my coaching sessions and workshops.

Beware Of The Phoney And Hyped Up Promises About TFT, EFT, Tapping

It might seem strange that I’d say such a thing after being so positive, however there are a lot of imposters in the self help world and there is nowhere that this can be seen more than in world of stress, and dating and relationships.  This has come about in part due to the fact that both topic are such huge issues for so many people, making them some of the most popular things that people are looking for help with.

Sadly, as with so many other things this has meant that there are millions of businesses and marketers who have jumped on the bandwagon claiming to be experts in the field.  This is when you see books and products being packaged and marketed while making false claims.  Although I’ve had great success with these therapies I’m going to be honest and say that when you are dealing with complex issues it often takes more that one session and more than one kind of therapy or modality..

So when you see eBooks or digital download books claiming to offer 50 instant cures for anxiety, or promises claiming to cure 10 years of panic attacks in 5 minutes, or stop a panic attack in it’s tracks, then it is likely that you are dealing with an internet marketer posing as an author or expert in order to try to get you to buy something they likely know nothing about.  Sadly this is when you end up seeing bad reviews about different products, services or therapies.  In such a case it is likely not that there is anything wrong with the therapy but the claims made were completely unrealistic and invalid.  With that said I’d recommend that you only work with someone who has actually been trained in these methods..

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