How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date

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How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date

We’ve all seen them. Online dating ads that claim 1 in 5 relationships now start online.  The numbers sound impressive.  Or at least they do until you realize that this is only equivalent to 20%.   Knowing this, then surely that must mean that the other whopping 80% of relationships are still being initiated through some other more natural encounter.

Not being a huge fan of statistics, and wanting to get my information first hand, I like to take to the streets to do my own research.   One of my favourite questions is: If given the choice between meeting someone online as opposed to through a more natural encounter, which one would you choose?  The answer always reveals the same thing, with that being,   without a doubt, that most people say that they’d much rather meet through a more natural encounter, or a traditional introduction.

The difficulty here though, and probably one of the reasons why internet dating sites have become so popular, is the fact that most people now find it all but impossible to meet others when out in the real world.   Men and women often tell me that even if they are lucky enough to encounter an attractive stranger, that the chances of making eye contact with them, is slim.

Many also say that even if their eyes did lock with an attractive stranger’s, and they happened to get caught in the act, that they then usually look away and deliberately avoid taking another peek for fear of not knowing what to do next. This second look is a very instinctual response, which if reciprocated can lead to a smile or even a conversation.  However by deliberately ignoring the object of your desire, you are literally sending a very clear message that you are not interested anyway.  And the sad thing is that even though so many of us now avoid making eye contact, the message that we may be sending probably couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Since making eye contact is such a natural process, it almost seems crazy why so many of us have such a difficult time with it. In fact it is a bit of a double edged sword.  On one side there is the chance of meeting that one special person who could, in a perfect world end up being the love of our life.  And on the other side, the thought of putting ourselves out there for love and laying our emotions on the line, does seem as though there is an awful lot at stake.

This is just one area of our lives where the fear of rejection can kick in. And when it does it may have the power to prevent even the most confident person from going after whom, or what they want.  In my book which is called, How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date, I have set out to challenge the fear of rejection, and to help my readers build the confidence to get out dating and relating in the real world.  And since making eye contact is often considered to be that first point of contact between two people, it is a habit that I want to help people create.

In an effort to help dispel any fears around making eye contact I explain in my book and demonstrate in my workshops how eye contact may not necessarily be the first point of connection that we have with another person after all. But rather it may be an unconscious act originally set in motion by the energetic connection experienced between two people.  By explaining this in a way that readers can put this idea to the test for themselves, it has the power to help them move beyond any fear they may have ever had about looking someone in the eyes again.

Suzanne Price is the author of How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date and has launched The Real Relationship Revolution. She offers coaching and workshops in the area of dating, relationships and making friends, with a focus on traditional values and relationship practices.  To learn more about Suzanne please visit or last3D

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