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How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date!

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Dating, Relating

or Love?

If you hire me as your dating, relationship or love coach the first thing I’m going to want to know is which one of these three things you really want.  Now that question might throw you off course for a minute especially if you are like most people who live under the illusion that they are all related, or that one leads to another.  As in a date would lead to a relationship and then onto love.  However this is not necessarily so, or at least not anymore anyway, and this is the very reason why there is so much confusion and chaos in the world of Dating, Relating, & Love.

So Where Has All The Confusion Around Dating, Relating or Relationships, And Love Come From?

Well to answer this I need to go back to the time when I first become aware of how this confusion and chaos was affecting so many people’s lives and preventing them from finding true love.  You see, like so many people who live in North America I’d grown up elsewhere, in Europe actually where I’d been exposed to a lot of traditional ways of life.  Without even stopping to think about it these traditions were also very evident in the area of attraction, connection, courtship and relationships, they were just a part of life.  And being as though I’d never known any different at the time the topic never seemed to cross my mind.  And I doubt that it ever would have, nor would I have given it much thought if it had not been for the fact that I moved to North America, Vancouver to be more precise, and immediately noticed how the North American way of “dating” was not only different but seemed to be causing no end of problems for those who want a relationship and to experience true love.

How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date written by Suzanne Price

You see I was working as a hairstylist at the time so I got to meet literally thousands of men and women over the years, who had been struggling with how difficult it was to find true love. And since I was in the position of being an outsider looking in, it gave me a very different vantage point, and allowed me to see just what was going on and what had been, and still is contributing to this problem. Also, considering I was able to have very open, honest and uncensored conversations with my clients about this (let’s face it, what a person won’t tell their hairdresser is nobody’s business) I was getting to hear and see the truth, and this gave me a much broader perspective than any questionnaire or study would ever be able to reveal.  I’ll let you in on a little secret here, the problems go far beyond the North American dating rituals and are often caused by many other ways of life.

It was at that time that I first started coaching people about more traditional methods of “dating”, courting and relationships, and also started offering image consulting, confidence coaching and personal and professional development workshops. Many of my hairdressing clients enjoyed the benefits of our conversations, and from being coached while getting their hair done.  This is what inspired me to start writing and teaching about dating and relationships and I started by writing my first book called How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date, and I’ve since written a great deal of content for an upcoming documentary that I want to get produced on the subject.

Although I wrote How To Turn That First Glance Into A Date about ten years ago, and have written about dating and relationships and been interviewed on television and radio about the topic several times since, I am sad to say that the problem seems to be getting worse.  And this is in part due to the fact that because this is such a huge topic of interest and issue for literally millions of men and women, there has been a ton of self proclaimed experts and gurus who have jumped on the band wagon and marketed and sold millions of dollars of what they consider to be dating advice.  Only if you saw what a lot of them are teaching then you would understand why dating in cities like Vancouver has become more like a battle between the sexes.

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