Suzanne’s Books

Over the past 10 years Suzanne has written several books and workshops in the personal and professional development arena.  Unlike so many other’s who simply read and then regurgitate other people’s content, final_header_optimized last3D

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Suzanne instead gathers authentic, relevant, and unfiltered information by speaking with those who have been, or who are being affected by the particular issue she is writing about.  Then after getting a grasp on what is really going on and figuring out underlying issues which contribute to a particular problem she sets out to find solutions.  Being a big picture thinker and visionary, Suzanne then incorporates many practices and ideas to offer new insight and solutions  Suzanne’s work is often unique, and flies in the face of the norm as a result.

2msm-book-smallSome of the topics Suzanne writes and teaches about include dating and relationships, romance and finding true love, energy and connection, making friends, confidence building, personal success, life style, life skills, communication and interpersonal skills, stress awareness, prevention and management, fears, phobias, wellness, New Age, holistic and natural remedies, finding passion, purpose and meaning in life, new beginnings, starting over after being dealt an unexpected blow to life, happiness, friendship, spirituality, goal setting and achievement, mind/body connection and life skills.

As a business woman,  entrepreneur and coach Suzanne also writes and teaches about how to turn your passion into profits, nyrgda-book1-lookinside-thumbnailcreating a backup plan and how to market in the new parallel worlds of business.  You will see many of these concepts sprinkled throughout her writing and workshops.





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